Saturday, February 02, 2008

Nurse Miss Kelly Takes A Trip To Suburbia

It is with both sadness and joy that I write this post. Sadness as it marks my return to work after a LOVELY stint off, and joy as I am full of amazing memories and have had my fix of suburban life (for a few months anyways).

For most of January, I've been commuting back and forth to Philly to spend Monday-Thursday with the L's while O & T work and R's preschool is on hiatus. Not only did I get to spend time with the Philly family, but I got to catch up some Philly friends. It was WAY overdue. Hard to believe I graduated almost nine months ago. Oh, there's a thought. I guess there could be some graduation babies almost due! haha

It feels like I spent a little bit of time on Wisteria Lane (minus all the sex and drama). It's been wonderful. I'm going to miss waking up every morning to J saying, "Why good morning Nurse Miss Kew-wee. I had a GREAT sweep!", R asking for, "Pancakes with syrup...please?????" EVERY morning, having a fresh brewed pot of coffee waiting for me, and of course the vociferous tone of a 4 year old regarding his choice attire for the day. *Side note- if it ain't got Th*omas, don't even offer it up*

Then there was all the culinary greatness... J is turning into quite the little many 2 year olds around can use of fork to whisk eggs? R, or course, is still interested in any and all things chocolate or with sprinkles. (Double high five to Dunk*n D*nuts for their chocolate frosted M&M variety). I do believe R & I had a conversation about how sprinkles, even if they do match the ketchup and mustard (Chi *mega colors anyone?), don't belong on hotdogs. And in the kitchen, I was in absolute heaven. I had a captive audience, dare I say guinea pigs, with whom I could cook, bake, and experiment. Loyal readers, I forgot how nice it is to have a complete set of pots and pans, extra spatulas, and enough counter space to multitask; wait, make that quadruple task!

As for getting around? Well, I was back behind the wheel. Nevertheless, if you ask R, he will tell you that I'm not that good, "It's too bouncy." Err, it took a week to get used to the brakes.

Seriously people, it was the little things that made me happy!
I got a haircut, blow dry, and eyebrow wax for $35.00!! She was fantastic. I felt like I was robbing her for such a great deal. I mean, after all, the estimation consult (yeah, here in NY you need to get a consult before you go for the big snip-snip) was $125 just for a CUT!! Give me a break.
I did laundry just because I could! I wasn't having to scope out when a machine was available, nor was I doing laundry at 2a.m. on my days off while suffering the backlash from flip-flopping a day/night schedule. Oh yeah, and it was FREE! Okay, maybe that's only because I wasn't paying the water bill, but for my sense of elation, it was free!

Now maybe this will verify what many of you were already thinking, this girl is slightly Obsessive/Compulsive, but I got so much satisfaction out of my organization projects in the 'burbs. I think because I don't have enough space here in NY to accumulate stuff that needs organization, it was a mild endorphin high when the cabinets were organized, stocks shelved, and cars vacuumed out. Okay, wow, reading that makes me feel slightly embarrassed, but hey since when is cleanliness and order a bad thing?

Now don't get me wrong, as amazing as this experience was, it made me realize a few things ...

*I appreciate my life in NY as a young professional. Quick trips to the ATM. In and out of the market. No strings attached.

*Nothing is fast with a 2 and 4 year old in tow. You can't just go to the ATM.

Question: Is it illegal to park in front of the ATM and leave the kids in the car, even when you can see them?
Well, I didn't know, but the better judgment in me said, suck it up, gather the kiddos, and make it an adventure. A 3 minute quickie, now is 10 minute event.

*Grocery shopping equals a great cardio workout!

Even if you are only getting two items at the grocery store, get a cart and put one kid in less kid to chase through the market. As for chasing kids through the market, now I get why mom's don't wear heels to grocery shop (well neither do I, but you know)!!! One must be ready to bolt on a moment's notice!
**Bless you trainer Greg for those a$$ kicking workouts. I was ready to sprint!**

*As much as I love spending day in and day out with the kids, I don’t think I’m quite ready to be a parent. Do you remember this post? I'm still a little too selfish. I need a little bit of "Me Time", as in 2 hours at the gym, and enjoy being spontaneous. I live so much of life by my planner that I do love being able to take advantage of whatever pops up for the day. Oh well, I can say FOR SURE, that my car rides and outings were NEVER dull with R & J .

Despite appreciating my life in NY, every time I go back to Philly I get that urge, that itch, to go back to PA. It's not like I don't have that option, I've already been accepted to grad school there, but I have to remember that the second round of schooling at Penn will not be a carbon copy of the first time around. My friends aren't there, my social scene will be different (God help me if I am still going to Karaoke at Blarney on Thursday night with the undergrads, no matter how tempting!), and chances are I will have to get a part time job to support myself. The fact alone, of living as a student, makes me a little leery. To add to the confusion is the fact that while back in Philly I reunited with the ex-boyfriend K. Did I mention that he works all of 3 minutes from the L's house? No, it wasn't one of those "wink, wink, nudge nudge" kind of reunions (although I wouldn't have objected, okay TMI, sorry!) but it was a real CHIVALROUS date. As in: he paid for dinner at a nice restaurant, came to the door when he picked me up, opened car and restaurant doors, helped me out of the car when I was near the curb, helped me with my coat, drove me home, and walked me back to the door at the end of the "date." I know I really need to get a grip, but that boy still makes my stomach flip flop and my knees go weak. We get along so well, it's a shame we met when we did and not a later point in the future. Let's just say that if he is still available when my commitment in NY is up, he could play a factor in going back to PA. But for now, it's just a far fetched scheme and I need to focus on the great life I have here now. But seriously, Thanks L’s for an amazing month.

Err, back to reality. And on that note, my patients need me, so I'm off.


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