Friday, February 08, 2008

Why I do What I do

It seems I only post about my crazy nights at work, my annoying patients, and/or the little things that urk me. However, I don't want you all to think that I'm Nurse Ratchet, so I wanted to share the softer side of my job.

For the entire month of February, I'm being floated out of the Adult BICU, into the Pediatic BICU and Adult step-down units (our sister units). Last week, I was not having a good night, but my return back last night was a different story.

*The kid who was puking down my back? Gave me a huge grin and wailed his arms for me to pick him when I popped in to say hi to the family.

*My patient grabbed my hand at change of shift and said, "Thank You. You were so kind and patient. You're parents raised you well. Don't ever change."

*My kids all made their I/O's and I didn't have to inserted feeding tubes!

*A young male patient said (while looking at my class ring), "You're boyfriend sure is lucky. You have a gently touch." Ehh, maybe inappropriate but flattering nonetheless

*Another nurse said, "Oh. I'm so thrilled you are over here. Good crew! Will be a good night!"

* I successfully anticipated the sequela of my patients illness. Easier to be prepared than practice crisis intervention.

*All my lab draws were successfull on the first stick!

*N was working and we got to chat!

*There were no CODES!

*I got a "dinner" break. and by that I mean 45 minutes to eat/rest/pee at 4 am!

* The resident (no, not the one from last week) who banged all the nurses on the neurology service gave N and I "the wink". Flattered you think we are cute, but FYI weren't not dumb and easy....keep it in your pants pants buddy. You are there to take care of the patients, not your own sexual desires.

*I got out at 7:59am! (1 minute early!!)

These may be little things, but seriously, they're what keep me sane and recharge me for life in the BICU.

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O said...

So glad life is improving. Things pile up and've certainly earned an "unpiling!"