Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day At the Ball Park

I got this email last week:

I'm writing to see if you would like to join me at a Yankee Game next Saturday July 18 at 1:05.

You were picked because the staff identified you as someone who embodies our values at NYP .
I can't guarantee how the Yankees will play, but I can guarantee wonderful seats and refreshments in the luxury box that we have for this game.

Please let me know by Monday end of the day.


I read the email. I reread the email. I read the email for a third time. Yes, this was an email from the Vice President, Chief Medical Officer of the hospital. I was shocked and (obviously) flattered. Before I could write back, I realized that I was scheduled to work that Saturday. I called my bosses, who were thrilled to hear the news, and without hesitation they gave me the day off. I knew this must have been a big deal because staffing for Saturday was real crappy and to simply take me off without as much a hesitation meant a great deal.

As Saturday approached, I got nervous. What do I talk about? Is it going to be awkward? Who else will be there? I had to pick my ticket up at her office on Friday; I'd never been to the "executive offices" before. I received the ticket from her secretary and did a double take. It was twice the size of a normal ticket with shiny gold embossing. I felt like a kid who just found a Willy Wonka goledn ticket.

I took the 6 train to the Bronx on Saturday afternoon. It was a day I will not soon forget. Not only was it my first time at the new Yankee Stadium and my first time at a Yankee's game,

When I finally made m way into the stadium I was lost. I had no idea how to find my way to the luxury box...thats so not how I'm used to experiencing baseball games. However, after what seemed like an endless walk down carpeted, air conditioned hallways lined with plaques and giant mahogany doors, I arrived at luxury box 156. I opened the door.......fully stocked bar( beer, wine, hard liquor, soda, water), salads, paninis, hot dogs, hamburgers, chocolate covered fruit, popcorn, cookies, peanuts, pork chops, steak, grilled chicken, giant soft pretzels, a gastronomes delight! Once I got over the shock of it all, I realized that it was a rather intimate gathering. Maybe 20 or so people, a minute fraction of the ten thousand employees currently employed by NYP. I was greeted warmly by L (Dr. F). We chatted and I continued to mingle and meet the other people. There were a total of three nurses, myself included. The other two nurses were male- one worked in the PACU and the other in the Neuro ICU.

Although the game was rather slow, the Yankee's did pull out a 2:1 win over the Tigers. After the game, some people left,others lingered and chatted. Knowing that the train would be a zoo, I was in no rush to leave. I sat and talked to L some more. I was telling her about starting school at Columbia in the fall. She asked what nursing program I was doing; I told her that I wasn't enrolled in the school of nursing, but rather in the school of public health with a degree in policy and management. She stopped, put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Kelly! That's the program I did. You will love it, it's an amazing place and a fabulous credential." I smiled. We chatted a bit more, I thanked her, and then I left.

I couldn't stop grinning on the way home. I'd been quite nervous with my decision to go back to school, but suddenly I felt at ease. I realized that I'm not only happy and secure with my job, but also my future holds so much potential.

Who would have thought that a day at the ball park was all I needed to ease my mind.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Good Life

After a wonderful tropical vacation, I worked a four day stretch, had one day off, then worked another four days. Had these been night shifts, I would have been exhausted and slept away of days off; however, now that my vampire days are over, I've been living the good life.

I can go out after work becuase other people are home! Have you ever tried to find a group of people who work M-F (9-5) who are free on a random weekday morning for dinner breakfast? Let me save you the trouble, it's impossible. Plus there's the whole issue of I'm craving a glass of wine to calm my nerves when the're focusing of a cup of caffeinated delight to perk them up!

I'm running. Long and steady, I'm thrilled!

I have plans to see my family more often than every six months!

I'm doing thing that I otherwise wouldnt do, just becuase I can!
Having picnics in the Park for breakfast! Good book + coffee + sunshine= bliss
Seeing the Philharmonic orchestra with my coworkers on a random weekday night.

I'm doing things that I love to do, but just didn't jive with my schedule before!
Talking to people on the phone versus having to send them an email. No one appreciated a phone call at 3am just becuase it was convenient for me.

See....life is good.
Continnuing on with things that fit back into my life....

I finally made it back to Philadelphia this weekend, and boy was it a long overdue trip! I got to see the L's. R and J are getting SO big. I can't believe it has been six months since I'd see them. It was the longest stretch of time I'd gone without seeing them. Highlights of my 24 hour visit were: eating with a group of people around a table, baking with the boys, playing flashlight tag, snuggling up in the big cumfy chair to read books before bed, coming downstaris in the morning to: "Good morning Nurse Miss Kelly. Did you have a nice sweep?", pancake breakfasts, and spending a lovey afternoon at the pool. My trip was over much too soon, but I already feel revived.

When I was living in Philadelphia, I escaped the city at least once a week and spent time in the suburbs; my longing for greenery and quiet was always fulfilled. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed my urban escapes.

I've got six more weeks of bliss, before life gets crazy, (again) school starts. I realize two things. First, I need to enjoy the rest of the summer and do whatever it is that makes me happy. Second, I simply cannot go another six months without seeing my family and without seeing the L's!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Where are all my posts? I wrote a bunch of short posts to autopublish over the last few weeks, but it looks as though they never published and now they are gone. Hmmm....guess I'll try and recap:

1. NO MORE NIGHT SHIFTS! I'm officially working full time days.

2. My Aruba vacation was amazing! It was so great to see my family after six months.

3. It's been 13 months since I fractured my pelvis and I'm finally back in action.

4. The Pink Panther sofa is GONE. The new furniture is beautiful and I am very satisfied.

As I get my life back in order, I'll write more. Please be patient. =)