Monday, July 13, 2009

The Good Life

After a wonderful tropical vacation, I worked a four day stretch, had one day off, then worked another four days. Had these been night shifts, I would have been exhausted and slept away of days off; however, now that my vampire days are over, I've been living the good life.

I can go out after work becuase other people are home! Have you ever tried to find a group of people who work M-F (9-5) who are free on a random weekday morning for dinner breakfast? Let me save you the trouble, it's impossible. Plus there's the whole issue of I'm craving a glass of wine to calm my nerves when the're focusing of a cup of caffeinated delight to perk them up!

I'm running. Long and steady, I'm thrilled!

I have plans to see my family more often than every six months!

I'm doing thing that I otherwise wouldnt do, just becuase I can!
Having picnics in the Park for breakfast! Good book + coffee + sunshine= bliss
Seeing the Philharmonic orchestra with my coworkers on a random weekday night.

I'm doing things that I love to do, but just didn't jive with my schedule before!
Talking to people on the phone versus having to send them an email. No one appreciated a phone call at 3am just becuase it was convenient for me. is good.
Continnuing on with things that fit back into my life....

I finally made it back to Philadelphia this weekend, and boy was it a long overdue trip! I got to see the L's. R and J are getting SO big. I can't believe it has been six months since I'd see them. It was the longest stretch of time I'd gone without seeing them. Highlights of my 24 hour visit were: eating with a group of people around a table, baking with the boys, playing flashlight tag, snuggling up in the big cumfy chair to read books before bed, coming downstaris in the morning to: "Good morning Nurse Miss Kelly. Did you have a nice sweep?", pancake breakfasts, and spending a lovey afternoon at the pool. My trip was over much too soon, but I already feel revived.

When I was living in Philadelphia, I escaped the city at least once a week and spent time in the suburbs; my longing for greenery and quiet was always fulfilled. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed my urban escapes.

I've got six more weeks of bliss, before life gets crazy, (again) school starts. I realize two things. First, I need to enjoy the rest of the summer and do whatever it is that makes me happy. Second, I simply cannot go another six months without seeing my family and without seeing the L's!

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