Friday, May 23, 2008

Why did it have to end?

Did you ever have one of those weekends that you just don't want to end? As in, you don't have a care in the world, and life is perfect (or almost). That was me last weekend. First and foremost, I had the weekend off! I met up with a friend for dinner on Friday night. Despite the rain, we had dinner at a really cute and cozy Italian place in midtown. When we paid the bill, M's credit card fell out of the jacket and the waitstaff thought they lost it. The found it in about 2 seconds on the floor, but they comped our drinks and gave us free after dinner drinks. I let M have mine because I had a race in the morning, but the night was just perfect.

I got up early Saturday morning and headed to the park (me and about 8,000 other people). I ran the Healthy Kidney 10k race. It was a georgus day and there is nothing that makes me happier than running in the spring with a rowdy crowd cheerng me on all the way. The race was over by 10:30 and I walked back to the gym to grab my stuff. It wasn't crowded so I got in a little ab workout.

I knew that I didn't want to spend the day inside, so I ran home and showered and put on my new sundress. I decided to get my hair washed and blown out (hey, I ran a race in the morning, why not get pampered?!?!). I was in and out, with only a small dent in my wallet. I called M and we met down in Union Square and wandered around the farmers market
and looked at the "art" people were selling. No matter how old I get, I'll never understand impressionistic works...still looks like little kids finger painting to me! After picking up some fresh organic produce,) we grabbed coffee at st@rbucks and then sat around and people watched. Next thing I knew, I was on the 6 train back uptown and I dropped off my produce.

That night was E &L 's joint bday party, but we were kicking the night off at an all you can eat sushi/all you can drink sake restaurant downtown. A bunch of us girls met at E's apartment and we had some drinks. WE hopped in cabs and went the restaurant. We took up the entire back room. There were 18 guys and girls. It was so good to see everyone. I knew everyone except for 2 people....but was soon acquainted with them. The night really took off when we did the first sake bomb. A good 5 or 6 sake bombs later, we rolled out to the bar for the party. The night started off slow, but before I knew it, the place was packed. I think every single person who graduated from Penn in the last three years was there. Our friends were up from D.C and Philly., down from Boston and Connecticut. I couldn't turn around without bumping into another long last face.

At one point, three of the boys who we went to school with, but who weren't guests at the party, just happened to be at this bar. SUCH a small world...espescalliy beuase they go to Columbia and we were all the way downtown. Not long after I arrived, I introduced myself to G, one of the people who I didn't know at the sushi restaurant. Well wouldn't you know that we approximately 50 mutual friends, lived in the same freshman dorm (on the same floor), and he was equally active in Greek life at Penn. Small world, hunh? We talked and talked, and were amazed that we had never met in four years. Aside from the bonus of meeting G after four years, the party itself was awesome. I cannot recall the last time I danced so much; however, I surely am thankful for all the dancing because it probably kept me from reaching the point of no drunken return. I got to see J, who has seemingly sold herself to the I-banking Gods, and catching up with her was well overdue! I think people were most shocked to see both she and myself, as our schedules are the least forgiving when it comes to socializing. But it sure does make you feel good when people say, "So happy to see you out! We miss you!" I don't know where the night went. Sometime between leaving the party and trying to get home on the subway, G and I met up...I ended up coming home in a taxi. No more details, just in case my mom and dad ever come across this post.

Sunday was a lazy, loungy day. It was my "day off" from running, so I slept in, savoured my morning coffee and went both yoga and pilates! (Did I mention how much I LOVED having the weekend off?!?!) After my enjoyable morning and afternoon,I had to face the music and get ready for work. So glad that I was still on my high from the weekend, because work was depressing. HIPPA doesn't really let me talk about my high profile patients, but all I can say is, if you are in any way spiritual, say a little prayer for J. No 9 year old deserves what happened to him.

And on that note, I;m done. I'm working this weekend, so it's not a holiday weekend for me, but things are looking up because starting Monday, I'm working a month of day shifts! Get ready people, nurse Kelly's blog will be hot, hot, hot!

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Anjali said...

Oh, that did sound like a lovely weekend! And yea for day shifts!