Wednesday, May 14, 2008

in need of coffee

When it rains, it pours. I'm sitting down for the first time tonight. So far I've: had a baby puke all over me and throw up his NG tube simultaneously; reinserted the said feeding tube; gotten a new admission; had another kid pull out his NGT tube; reinserted that tube; been down to the ER to look at an admission with the residnet becuase he ALMOST sent home a patient with 2nd degree scald burns over 1/2 of her abdomen, blisters oozing; done burn care on my 4 patients; started an IV on a kid who's so far beheind on their PO intake; changed diapers on my patient who's parents couldn't be bothed to stay the night; fed the previous patient...every 2 hours;talked down an irate parent in the hall; begged the residnet to write orders for my new admission so I can do burn care.,argued with the pharmacy about not sending up my patients antibiotics on time....and oh yeah, charting, all that charting. All this an it's only midnight. What does Nurse Kelly need right now? Coffee.

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