Thursday, May 15, 2008

too bad you missed this

If anyone s having a bad day, keep on reading. My stupidity (or charma) will surely make you laugh.

I worked the last three nights. Again, I was taking care of our pediatric patients, so it's pretty much constant activity ALL night. Can I say one thing here? INSTANT BIRTH CONTROL. Nurse Kelly isn't ready for any lil babes of her own yet! Even if they are so cute and adorable! Sorry, I'm getting off topic. Oh yes, I worked the last three nights and I'm exhausted. I had to schedule a delivery for our replacement P*land Sprin% water cooler, but of course, unless I wanted to wait 2 weeks, the only available time they had was this morning between 7am-12noon. Well I don't even get off work until 8, so I had to beg and plead and pretty much offer my soul for them to come after 8:30. Pretty sure when I made this call last night, I said, "I'll even have a fresh pot of coffee." What the hell was I thinking?

I arrived home this morning at 8:25. Took a 1 minute shower and threw on my sweats and t-shirt (sexy, right?!?). I parked my bum on the couch with a book and tried to read. Mission failed. I turned on the TV. I must admit, I saw more coverage on American Idol and Dancing With the Stars than was necessary in a 2 hour period. Must have seen the same TV clips 20 times! I was fighting hard to stay awake. I did fall asleep a few times but quickly jerked and woke myself up (I hate that feeling!) The last time I jerked, I also realized that I had a large drool spot on my shirt....nice.

At 11:54 the delivery man came to change out the water cooler. (Note to O &A- I made sure that I wasn't wearing the infamous white tank top from the flower delivery incident last year). Well there was a slight problem. Our old cooler had a full jug of water attached to it. Let's just say we had a little flood here this morning. I cleaned up the mess and went to lie down for a an hour or so. I couldn't have been in bed 5 minutes when the high school on our block began band practice. Yup, lots of clanging, banging, and one band teacher who isn't warning his paycheck! I realized that I wasn't going to get any sleep so I dressed in my better clothes and figured I'd do some errands and household chores.

#1- Laundry, three loads. Whoops I washed my fleece with a sweater. Result? Swiss Cheese Sweater, lovely.

#2-Recycling. Sort the plastic and paper into separate bags to bring down to the utility room. So what if the bags are stuffed to the max, why bother using another bag? Answer: Because the bag will break in the elevator and as the door open all your "trash" lands at your neighbors feet.

#3-Grocery Shopping. In my fog to leave for the store, I forgot my reusable canvas bags. I bought a jar of better'n peanut butter and a jar of almond butter. I guess that plastic bag was heavy because as I was crossing the street, I felt a "thug" on my big toe,looked down, and saw my $12.00 jar of almond butter rolling down the street. As I swung my body around to chase it, the B'N'P also flew out, except it smashed in the street. Before I knew it, my almond butter was cracked and oozing out against the tire of a parked car and my B'N'P was a a lumpy, glass mess. Bye, bye $18.00.

#4-Showering, properly. Standing under the warm water, I soon realize that my feet are in 2 inches of water. I'm no plumber, but I'd have to say clogged drain. I washed off the soap and turned off the water. I threw on a rubber glove (Nurse Kelly is already prepared). I fished around for a minute and pulled out a HUGE hairball. As in, my roommate and I should be bald. We would make a Lock-4-Love wig with all that hair.

Luckily the rest of my day ha been uneventful, maybe because I'm going to bed and it's 7pm.

G'night folks.

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