Friday, May 09, 2008

trial and error

I've had to do a lot of experimenting with what I can eat before I go out for a run. It's harder that one would think to find the perfct balance of carbs and protein within the timeframe you have to eat (in my case 30-45 minutes prior to the run).

You don't want it to have too much salt becuase then you'll be thirsty. You don't want it to be too sweet becuae that churns your stomach. Potassium is key to prevent muscle cramps. and avoid high fat foods becuase they don't digest quickly enough.

I can't drink anything but water and/or strawberry crystal light while I'm out for a run, but my issues are with the pre-run fuel.

*I tried half of a PB sandwich with some bananas but it sat like a ton of bricks in my stomach.
*I tried KAshi Go-LEAN CRUNCH bars, but they were too sweet and made me nauseous
*I tried drinking one of these smoothies, but quickly learned that sloshed around a little too much in my tummy.

I was frustrated. I wanted to find a snack that gave me that kick without weighing me down. And then it happened. I came home from work the other day and inadvertently threw my Odawlla green juice in the freezer (blame it on sleep deprivation). When I woke up from my nap and went to get some ice, I noticed my error. However, my bottle was sitting right next to my frozen bananas. Hmm....what about some frozen popsicles? I checked the refrigerator and grabbed a new bottle. I poured it into the blender and added in 2 frozen bananas....puree...pour inro ice-cube trays with popsicle sticks sticking out....freeze for 2 hours and voila! Potassium Protein Pops!

Now let me tell you, they were not only a whole 'lotta YUM, but they kept me charged! So if you find yourself in search of a qucik energy boost, try my Double P Energy Pops!

1 Bottle Odowalla Green-machine juice
2 frozen bananas cut into chunks
1 ice cube tray or popsicle tray set

Put 1/2 of bananas in blender, pour all the juice in, put in 2nd 1/2 of bananas.
Puree in blender
Pour into molds
Freeze for 2 hours

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O said...

so smart. I am a re-convert to the church of smoothies. J is all over helping in the kitchen right now and he loves to work the blender...and the boy who hasn't eaten a fruit since 2007 will suck down smoothies all day if I let him!
But I must say I'll have to try the green machine again...wasn't so impressed the first time!