Saturday, August 30, 2008

in need of a good read

I'm a bit stingy when it comes to spending money on things like books. It kills me to pay $25.00 for a hardcover when I know in 3 months that it will go to paperback and only cost between $9-$14. If the wait list for the new books at the library wasn't months long, I'd march right over to the New York public library and check the books out there.

Over the last few years I've taken to going to the "bargain book" section at Barnes&Noble and picking up a few seemingly good reads. It's largely hit or miss, but I have managed to snag a few good ones. For all you history buffs, I highly recommends "On Hitler's Mountain" by Irmgard Hunt. The beginning is slow, but the overall concept and insight into Nazi Germany is intriguing.

So, now, I'm asking a favor...

Does anyone have any good suggestions on some good reads? And/or how I can get exposed to some books aside from the best sellers that are a drain on my bank account?



Anjali said...

I really liked Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee, and recently finished Lipstick Jihad.

O said...

I am a huge fan of and some of the other sites out there where you can trade books with other members. BookMooch has been the one where I've been most successful but if I find my others, I'll let you know.
I'm also a fan of the used books via Amazon. The latest book group selection I needed was 75 cents.
My book group read Nineteen Minutes so I'll give that to you when I see you. (Not my 75 cent snag, but purchased from a used bookstore.)
Speaking of, have you been to The Strand used bookstore in NYC? It's amazing.
And in my palm pilot I keep a list of books (and authors when I'm organized) I want to read so that when I'm in a used bookstore or library I can just pull it out and check the lists.
Finally, the NY library *is* justifiably famous...we've recently rediscovered our library and it's a joy to go with the kids.