Saturday, August 16, 2008

I made his day

Last night I had plans to go and see Pineapple Express with G, J, M, E, and others at 9 p.m. G was going to meet me before hand at 7:15 and then head out for drinks and meet up with the rest of the crew to see the movie. G's express train got stuck on the tracks, so he didn't get here until 8. No biggie.

We went to the Stumble Inn and got a quick drink. Of course, it was raining cats and dogs, so we copped out and took a cab to the theater. The cab ride was quick (from 76th to 32nd) and cheap ($7.10). I whipped out my wallet and handed the cabby a $10 and asked for a $1.00 back. G and I walked into the theater but didn't see any of our friends. G called them; they were already inside. Oh well, we waited in line to get tickets. Just as we were about to walk up to the counter, I looked up and saw SOLD OUT SHOWS: Pineapple Express 9:00. Ugh, okay. Now what? Oh well, could have been worse,. G called J and told him the situation, I think J felt bad, but we made the best of it. We bought tickets to the 10:15 show, went around the corner, got a few more drinks, and then came back to see the movie. I'm not complaining...after the last month of G's traveling and my work schedule, a little extra 1 on 1 time was fine with me.

The 10:15 show wasn't crowded at all, I guess everyone opted for the earlier viewing. We settled in and the movie rolled. Don't get me wring, there were a few good one liners, but for the most part the movie was a lot of violence and monotonous antics surrounding getting high and smoking weed pineapple express. The movie was LONG, well over 2 hours, but the company was good, so it all worked out. G and I came home, watched the Olympics and fell asleep only to be woken up by the alarm at 6:45 so G could make his early morning T time with the boys.

After he left, I fell back asleep until 10:30. After an amazing workout, I headed to St@rbucks for a soy milk latte (yum!). I pulled out my wallet to pay and did a double take. Where is the $20 that I took out of the ATM the day before? I see the $10, but the 20 is gonzo. Oh no I can't believe it. Yup, in my haste to pay the cabbie the night before, in the dark no less, I handed him the $20, for a $7.10 fare and only asked for $1.00 back. No wonder he pulled away so fast. Oh well, guess I made his day.

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Anjali said...

Well, the good news is, that you know where the money went. I often don't even know this!