Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fly On the Wall

Going to the pool and gym yesterday was the first time I had left my apartment since arriving home from work Sunday morning. After my workout, I came home, showered, and put my pajamas back on. In dire need of doing laundry, I put on sweat pants (it was only 70 degrees but I had my AC cranked) and a big baggy t-shirt from college. Still exhausted from my 52+ hours of working in 4 days, I lounged around my apartment all afternoon. However ,around 9pm I suddenly foudn myself craving seltzer water. I gave up soda over a year ago and never crave it, but occasionally long for some fizz. I couldn't fight the urge, so I put down my book, got up off the couch, laced up my sneakers, and grabbed my purse. IT wasn't until I was outside and walked by a window that I stopped, checked myself out top tobottom, and burst out laughing. I looked absurd.
Bandanna headband with wildy curly hair
Baggy gray t-shirt (Penn Soccer), no bra of course!
Baggy gray sweatpants (not the same shade as tshirt) with SWIM on the butt (left overs from high school)
Fleece socks (I wear them as slippers)
My running sneakers
and one of my "going out" Kate Spade handbags (really cute, got this last week)

I whipped out my phone and called N to leave her a pictoral description of what her best friend was currently sporting out in public!

I prayed the the store wouldn't be crowded and that I wouldn't get picked up by some homeless bum thinking that he just found his sugar mama.

Oh well, that's what exhaustion will do to you.

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