Thursday, January 17, 2008

F.Y.I....the don't's in life

1. serve peanuts on an airplane...even if it's equipped with an AED, intubation box, and an RN & MD
2. east tuna fish on a train...PLEASE be considderate of your fellow travelers
3. try to text message while running at 8mph on the treadmill
4. wear your cashmere coat to the playground
5. rub your eyes while working with chili peppers
5. assume that becuase a kid is potty trained that they will tell you they NEED to go the bathroom....get very good at picking up on the "pee pee dance" and/or winkie grab
6. settle for less than your deserve
7. forget that just becuase you are an OCD, anaile retentive, perfectionisit who like order and organization that when you are tired it' OKAY ro drop your dirty clothes on the floor and just go to bed
8. wear low rise jeans and a high rise thong...REALLY not flattering
9. put aluminum in the microwave
10. try to put on nylons if you haven't filed your nails
11. tell someone on the first date that you are madly in love with them, can see the cathedral length train of your wedding dress, the white picket fence of your future house, and hear the screaches and pitter patter of the children you are destined to have
12. go for an 8 mile run after a 20 hour work disaster
13. apply eyeliner while walking down the street
14. go to st*rbucks without your wallet...even if they know your order by heart and say it'sOK for you yo pay next time.
15. shave your armpits dry...ouch! the chaffing


O said...

I find #11 can be useful if the guy on the date in question is one you don't ever want to see again!

KELLY said...

or that you really want to have a future with but don't want to scare off!! either way, save it for the second date! :)