Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I've worked the last six nights straight.
i had to stay 5 hours late on my last morning becuase a nurse didn't show.
two nights with sickest patient on the unit, four nights as charge nurse
bed census: full! (40 patients)
toal work hours = 82
total sleep hours =24
work to sleep ratio: > 3:1

my eyes are puffy
my ankles are swollen
i have no clean underwear
my refrigerator contents: ketchup, soy sauce, applesauce, soymilk, beer
number of unanswered emails: 35
number of times I've seen my roomate in the last week: 1
my neighbors upon seeing me in the elevator: "Ouh, rough night?"

what I want to do most? sleep
what am I going to do? sleep
why am I still typing this? who knows, goodnight!


1 comment:

Anjali said...

You poor thing!

And in case you didn't read my email yet --- THANK YOU for the cook book! It's awesome!