Friday, February 13, 2009

Waiting on His Steps

A moment.
A bad accident.
A very tragic injury.
A young life changed forever.
A broken family grasping for hope.

But what can we do for them?
Will faith conquer impending death?
Does modern medicine prevail?
Believe in God?
They do.

To trust.
They must believe.
We will try everything.
It is a long road.
One that many do not survive.

But they sit at bedside vigil.
And sing against the tune
Of the musical alarms.
She will live.
They pray.

We hope.
Our actions suffice
And instincts are wrong
But fear lingers ever present.
Each day brings a new change.

But no more can be done.
We join in their prayer.
Medicine is not God.
We know this.
Trust him.

-KS 2009
I'm not an overly religious person, but lately I've been rocked back into my faith. Life is precious.

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