Monday, April 21, 2008

How to Prove You are Sleep Deprived

In the past 5 days, Spring has sprung in New York; however, I've been oblivious as I've worked the last five nights. Today, as I walked down the street (in only a semi exhausted fog) I noticed the leaves on the trees and the birds a churping. It's a happy day. So while I've neglected to notice the entrance of spring, here are a few things that I have done the past five days...

1. Worn the same pair of sweatpants to and from work
2. Left my dinner at home, orderd out at work, gotten too busy to eat it, left the ordered dinner at work, brought in the forgotten home meal the next night, only to dicover my ordered food from the night before.
3. Stood at the Kronos macine furiously typing my ID # to punch in, getting annoyed that it wouldn't accept it, only to realize that I was typing in the residnet on call's beeper #
4. Called the pharmacy to complain that they still haven't sent up my patients antibiotics, told them I checked the drawer and patients room and was very frusterated for the delay...they told me to look in the refrigetor, th emedication needs to be kept cold. Whoops, my bad.
5. Not remembered walking home in the morning..autopilot anyone?
6. Tripped on my patients foley bag , leaped through the air, caught myself on the roley chair, and splat....faceplant. *ouch*
7. Answered my cell phone, " Burn Center how can I help you"
8. Showed up to pick up my new glasses at 8am on a Sunday morning, only to realize they aren't open. (In all honesty, can you blame them?)
9. Realized after I was nakey in the shower that I had no towel...thank God the roomate was at work that afternoon.
10. tried to use my license to swipe in the credit card machine
11. Fallen asleep sitting on the bus and missed my stop
12. Gone to bed with wet hair and woken up looking something like Don King
13. Shampood my hair conditioner and conditioned my hair with shampoo

Now, off to take advantge of this lovely weather. Happy Earth Day

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Anjali said...

You and me, sister.
BTW, Siri has been wearing the outfit you sent! She loves it. And your thank you note came back to us... I must double check your address...