Sunday, April 06, 2008

In case you happen to see one of these just hanging around...

Be on the lookout!

Wanted: fairly attractive, normal guy ,with a decent job,and a healthy sense of humor; who is a wine lover, adventerous eater,close with his family, an active and energetic person; who knows how to dress well, that money isn't everything, that sometimes I have to work on nights and weekends, and won't laugh at me we when he learns I can't drive stick shift or use a lighter.

If all else fails (aka reality, haha) , I'll settle for a completely and utterly "yup-tastic" guy. True fo my New England and Ivy League roots: summers on Nantucket, popped collars wtih embroidered shorts from J.Crew, loafers, aviators, and blazers...all make me weak in the knees.

So in case you happen to find someone who meets the above criteria, let me know. k, thanks. :)

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