Monday, June 04, 2007

Life Size Post-It

More than anything, right about now, I would like to have a huge giant post-it note filled with "To-do" things...already crossed off.

Do you ever just reach a point in your life when you feel like you have more loose ends than you know what do with? Well for me, I have now reached that point. Seeing as I am a typical, "type A", that likes to have a plan and have everything come together nicely, these last few weeks (and a few more to come, I'm sure) have been quite disgruntling.

And just so I can vent and feel better about it all, here is my list of unsettled business...

1. Housing- I am still homeless in New York; I have spent hundred of dollars traveling back and forth to see places and yet, I am still not an inch closer to finding a home, even as the deadlines fast approached.
2. My foot/ankle....the swelling hasn't gone down, the pain has increased, and I am loosing my mind not being able to go to the gym, or even take a walk for that matter
3. My car- about 2 months ago I went out to my car after 3 days of rain, only to find 2 inches of standing water on the passenger side (front and rear floor)....well now I am still not sure where the water is coming from (although I have a hunch it's the sunroom) and I cringe at the uncertainty of what I will find in my car following each rain storm
4. Taking my boards- so yes, I still have not received my ATT (authorization to test) because my transcript wasn't sent, because there was a random $2.27 charge on my student bill from May (interesting, considering that my bursar was cut off in April!).....which penn didn't inform me of until today, at approximately 5:54 am via email
4a) the fact that I was p at 5:54 am today....let's chalk it up to an adorable but very cranky 2 year old who didn't enjoy sleeping in his new crib on vacation...but he's so damn loveable, I ‘m just shrug it off, and pray for a nap
5. Living out of a suitcase- after my dad came and took most of my stuff back to beantown on a Tuesday, living out of a suitcase until the following Wednesday when my lease ran out, and then moving into the people who I baby sit for 's house, (spending 5 days there), and then driving away on vacation with them (which brings me to where I am now) -feel like a disorganized, wrinkled, gimpy mess
6. Standing in front of the refrigerator, hungry, but not enticed or satisfied by anything. I open the door and see salty pickles (or ketchup ,yum!) but then the fresh summer berries look so good, but the idea of hard boiled egg makes me salivate, or a nice crisp refreshing diet soda might be what I'm craving, or no, what about carrots and hummus. Dammit, why do I have to be healthy...why can't I just "bend" my own food rules, and go for a real "diet break" and eat the freaking cookie
7. Humid weather....right about now my hair resembles something from the Don King family photo album
8. Getting back to MA- so either way, I have to drive my car home. It’s a good 7 hours from where I am, but there is no room for passengers, so it’s just going to be me, my car packed to the brim, and the 400+ miles of road

so I think I am done venting for now...but at least now you know what is weighing on my shoulders. Do you have any suggestions for making the little things seem more manageable?
Maybe tonight I'll go to bed dreaming of making huge check marks on my imaginary post it note. Pathetic, yes; satisfying, even more so!


Anjali said...

Well, we are truly soul sisters in unfinished business. Here's my list which corresponds to yours...
1. Housing- We just now finally got an apartment. My apartment hunting wishes will now fully turn toward you.
2. Brian got shingles. Leela hasn't had the chicken pox vaccine.
3. My sucky car -The clutch cable broke on my car. Of course, you know about this.
4. Testing -If I ever want to practice law in GA, I will have to retake the bar exam.
5. Living out of a suitcase -In one week, we will be living out of suitcases for 7 weeks.
6. Standing in front of the fridge -Nothing is good in our fridge because I refuse to buy food because we're moving.
7. The humid weather is kicking my allergies in the ass.
8. Getting South - A 12 hour roadtrip with two small kids and a husband with shingles.

Here's what will help. Go to and make all the millions of lists you need. It's keeping me sane!

KELLY said...

and the sisterhood continues to bind us. :) Thanks!