Thursday, June 21, 2007

Writing the Future

Last night was wonderful. I had two of my best friends from high school over for dinner. We all went our separate ways after graduation in 2003 (SS headed to Harvard, CM headed south and then abroad to Oxford; and I went off to Penn). There were the occasional phone calls, the summer visits, the rushed holiday dinners, but really- we were not nearly as involved in each others lives as we once had been. I met SS in 1994 at swim team- the friendship was instant. I'd known CM since we were in kindergarten, but we didn't get to be friends until 1997 (I can't believe we hadn't hit off before then!).
I am truly feeling nostalgic because on Friday, our pasts will really be "in the past." SS is getting married and moving out to California the very next day. It seems so strange, but she is leaving behind our adolescence, high school "drama", college naivete, and post graduate bewilderment and she is marrying her sweetheart. I couldn't be happier for her. CM and I are also onto new beginnings. CM is leaving to go to upstate NY to pursue an internship and then hopefully land a research job, and I'm off to the city to "save lives on hospital bed at a time".
Dinner last night reminded me of something out of a lifetime movie. We sat outside on our newly landscaped backyard, drinking wine, eating an artfully prepared Italian feast (I had so much fun the kitchen all afternoon), and catching up on what has occurred these past four years. At first I thought, oh no- this is the end, but then I realized, , its the beginning of a new chapter in all of our that we can continue to "write and edit" (maybe occasionally censor?).
Yup, I think this is good. A brand new chapter, a fresh white page...

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