Monday, May 18, 2009


Dear loyal readers few people who follow this blog-

Please excuse the lack of posts lately, life's been happening. Guess I'll catch you up on what's been going on.
1. Grad School
I'm going to Columbia! Classes start the end of August.

2. Work
I'm going to full time days starting June 21st! Two years of hell, holy hell nights will finally be over.
I'm going to stay working full time while I go to school. I'm banking all my vacation and holiday time to use September through December. It works out that I'll get paid for a full time work week, but only actually working part-time. The way I see it, my life won't suck any more than it has the past two years.

3. Vacations
I'm joining the family in Aruba for six days. Because I have no vacation time to use, I will be working the four days prior and three days after. Oh well, it will be worth it to get rid f this pasty white goodness otherwise known as my skin.

4. Dating
I'm still single. Dating still sucks in NYC. Please send any intellectual, tall, dark, and handsome men with a great sense of humor remotely good looking men my way.

5. Health
I'm still chronically exhausted but I found out that I'm quite anemic. My TIBC (total iron binding capacity) is very elevated compared to my actual iron level indicating that my body isn't properly utilizing/absorbing the iron. Now I'm taking iron pills. Hello constipation! Sorry if thats TMI. But it's all worth it, if it will boost my energy.
Regarding my fractured pelvis, I've had no further complications (knock on wood). I won't have another bone scan until next year, but I've finally gotten back to running just about year since my injury. After a five month wait, I saw the endocrinologist and found out that my vitamin D level is low. Now I'm taking additional vitamin D pills.
Yes, I've turned into the vitamin popping princess.

I'm sure that a lot more has transpired over the last month, but those are the highlights.
Thanks for checking in!!!


Anjali said...

Yea for Columbia! We wanted you, but if you're a city girl at heart, Atlanta ain't the city for you.

And how cool that you can keep your job!

Bart said...

Good to see you back - we were starting to worry that you'd gone off the edge and then where would we get our "city" fix?

Interesting about the vitamin D deficiency - like gluten intolerance it seems to be an increasingly common diagnosis.

Have a good summer and thank you for an interesting blog.