Monday, May 25, 2009

Out With The Old

I've got spring fever. I'm cleaning out closets, organizing cabinets, and rearranging, obsessively. You all know about the ugly couch, aka "The Pink Panther" .... And yes, unfortunately, it's still with us.

Despite numerous hours spent searching for the perfect chocolate leather sofa and matching love seat, I haven't found "the one." I'm skeptical to buy something online, because I want to be give it the "but test" before purchasing. Also, because my roommate and I are both short, we don't want any furniture that when we sit down , our feet won't touch the floor.

This past weekend, Memorial Day sales GALORE, would have been the perfect time to purchase furniture; however, A was out of town and she didn't trust me I didn't want to make the decision myself. So what did I do instead? I redid our bathroom. It went from a sleek and modern black and white powder room to a page out of the Pottery Barn catalog. Yes, I know that store is overpriced and I could buy knock offs at Tarzhay, but the Manhattanite in me took over. I bought a shower curtain, towels, rugs, baskets, and decorative soaps. Yes, you read that correctly- decorative soaps. Ahh, what was I thinking?

Although redoing the bathroom was fun, if not a drain on my wallet, I just need to buy a couch. It will be much cheaper than redoing every other room in the aparment to compensate for the ugly "Pink Panther."

Any suggestions on buying furniture??

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