Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Update on this post....

The dumb shit resident that I saw never called back with my lab results. I got annoyed after trying to call her back for a week and just looked them up myself. Maybe I wasn't supposed to do that? eh, oh well.

Called 11 times to get an appointment with an attending: hold, transfer, hold, hold, ANSWER, nope transfer, click.......fuck!

Called on the 12th time this past Friday from work in the same hospital where the practice is located:
One ring....
Secretary: Hello? what department are you calling from? What can I do for you?

Me: Hi this is Nurse Miss Kelly from the burn unit, I'm a former patient of Dr. W's, I need to make an appointment with Dr. C?

Secretary: Oh do you work here in the hospital?

Me: Umm, yes?

Secretary: Marvelous. How's this Tuesday at 10:30am?

Me: Seriously? That's great.

Secretary: Would you like us to call you if we can an earlier cancellation?

Me: I'd love that! (thinking am I dreaming?)

Secretary: Okay, I can reach you at this number?

Me: Actually my cell is better xxx-xxx-xxxx. thanks.

Secretary: Oh, okay. Well then I'll note that. Bye bye.

lesson learned: make an internal phone call, work the system!

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