Wednesday, October 31, 2007

just one of those weeks

recap of this week (i.e. my excuse fot not having a WIUP post for you all)

sunday night I couldn't sleep, fear of impending doom; monday my patient died (doom confrimed); monday night couldn't figure out how to undo my apartment lock; tuesday another patient died; last night after work and then going out with friends i broke down and paid to take a cab at midnight; today is halloween, it's my only day off this week, my trainer kicked my butt today- I hurt in places I didn;t know possible;I have to go to a dreadful 3 hour residency meeting tomorrow hosted by a man who's enligh is hard to understand and whose sense of humor is not my taste; I have to work on my birthday, my friends are out of town, my roomate is out of town, my family isn't here.

sorry to be down and out, it's just one of those weeks.

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Anjali said...

Oh, hope things get better soon!