Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I See London; I See France; Where are my underpants?!?!

I should have known it was going to be one of those days when I fell asleep only 1 hour before my alarm was set to go off.

4:40 am- It's raining, so much for my morning run. I throw my gym clothes in my work clothes (oh the lovely and oh so flattering blue scrubs) bag and head to the gym instead.

5am- Greet the typical morning gyn crowd; begin my workout.

6:55am- grab towl and hang it on the hook outside the shower

6:58am (yes, I am a record breaking shower taker)- reach out of the shower and notice that my towel gone, but that the elady next to me took mine becuase her's was on the scuzzy floor. GREAT!!!

6:59am- sprint across the locker roomn (bare NAKED) and get another towel AND give the weazel who took my towel a dirty look

7:00am- open my gym bag and pull out my clothes....minus the underwear. GREAT! A commando day? No way! Wearing my therapeutic compression stalkings without underwear equals a NO NO!
What to do?
Clearly I can't weat dirty ones.
Okay, stay calm.....think....OKAY!
Grab the mini bottle of detergent out of my bag (hey, I hate stains); go into the handicapped bathroom stall and wash the underwear in the sink; wring it out; use the hairdryer to dry it (trying not to look suspicious.
(Just for the visual, I'm wearing my sports bra to hold up my towel)
Undies dry!
Undies on! Therapeutic stalkings on! Scrubs on! Antifrizz serum in hair; teeth brushed!
7:18: out the door and off to work!
7:24: arrive at work, waiting for the elevator, rumbling through my bag to look for my watch. Wait! What's that that just fell out of my bag onto the lobby floor? YUP, the underwear that I SWORE I couldn't find 20 minutes earlier.

okay, that's my story for the day.

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