Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Riding In Style

In Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Miami, South Beach, people drive around in style. There are no shortages of “it” cars. It’s about as common to see a Bentley cruising on the smooth black asphalt, as it is to see a minivan is New England suburbia.

But in New York (despite a comparable number of equally wealthy people) it’s the babies that ride in style. Yes my loyal readers, this place is the baby stroller capital of the country!

I used to think the Greico was a top of the line stroller, than a few years ago I was introduced to the “yuppier” jogger strollers (I must admit, they are very easy to use- great for parents who want to stay fit and spend time with their kids while doing so). Then I was introduced to the MacLaren...also very chic and it pushes quite smoothly; however, since I’ve been in the big apple, I have seen strollers that probably cost more than my monthly rent!

So what have I seen so far?

Exhibit A) Double stroller where the infant is in a deluxe bassinet on top, and the toddler rides low to the ground facing the direction they are being pushed. (they have their own cup-holder and toy storage pack)

Exhibit B) you know those little side cars that attach to a side of a motorcycle, well picture one of those on each side on a shopping/grocery cart.

Exhibit C) A front facing child seat with a standing ledge in the rear for the older child.

Exhibit D) The triple stroller that is slanted upward. the heaviest kid rides on the bottom and the lighter on the top...each level has a tray in front with a cup holder, snack compartment, and oh yeah, battery powered mini fans. (I sear, I'm not kidding! I did a double take when I first saw it

Exhibit E) The stroller that looks more like a highchair on a video tripod stand, but with bicycle handle bards to push it.

Looking back on all of this, it just seems crazy! innovative! outrageously elaborate!!!

The stroller that I was carted around in? Well, it's safe to say that it's been long done for many years, probably rotting in a landfill somewhere.

Oh well, I guess it just goes to show you that 'time are a changin' and the kiddos are not going to be left beind!

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