Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Day In the Life

I’m serious people…I’m trying hard to write more often, on more interesting topics, and (oh yes) be more grammatically correct. So here goes. Read on for how today play out for me. Keep in mind, though, that right now I’m trying to practice “The Secret
”. Despite the fact that I don’t really like Oprah/”her preachyness” (but that is an entirely different post), her latest endorsement seems to have so much potential, why not give it a try.

6am: My alarm goes off ( 1 hour and 30 minutes late). I guess I hit alarm 2 last night. Whoops. Oh well (I’m channeling the secret here). My trainer has been yelling at me that I am training too much and lifting too often, so I guess today is a good day to try something new- the 6:30am spin class.-especially since I don’t have to be at work until 8:30 am because we have a continuing education day!

6:20am: Arrive at spin class 10 minutes early, pick the ideal bike location-middle of the room, to the right hand side (no one will be looking at my but bounce up and down as we hill climb in 3rd position).

6:22am: Start warming up, hear the bike squealing and clanging. Oh well, I’ll ignore it, the music will be loud.

6:24am: Nope, this isn’t going to work, the noise is obnoxious. Take a look around the room and only 1 bike left. Yup, you guessed it. Front row, dead center! But wait!!! It’s right next to the cute guy who lives in my building. **The Secret**

6:35am: No instructor, bummer. One member of the class volunteers to lead the class (along with his REALLY bad ipod play list). Oh well. But wait!!! In strolls my ABS Class instructor (amazing motivator!) and he’s going to be the sub! **The Secret**

7:25am: Class over, amazing workout, off to the shower!

7:26am: In the locker room realize that I packed two pairs of underwear but no bra. Oh well, me and my 32 barely A chest have gone without a bra numerous times before, I’ll just throw my cardigan sweater over the shirt…it’s going to be a nice cool day, 75 sunny with a breeze. **The Secret**

7:45am: Walking down the street and I look down at my shirt. Whoops! I went shopping last weekend and bought 2 new shirts (among other things): one navy blue and grey striped, one black and grey striped. So today I took the navy blue one, but I’m wearing black shorts. Oh well. At least I’ve got the sweater **the Secret**. Even better, I have plenty of time before I have to be at work (how I love my 5 minute walking “commute”), I’ll swing home and change AND get a bra!

8:25: Hanging out waiting for my class to start, catching up on my leisure reading.

8:50: Still no teacher, weird! Oh wait, here comes someone. Crap! The instructor called in sick. This means we have to go to the floor, (ehhh, I’m not mentally prepared for a day of patient care). But wait!! They tell us that we can take the books and go read and self study (any where we want!). Me and two other nurses take our books and head to the coffee shop with the outside café (remember what a nice day it is today!!?!?!) **The Secret**

12noon: LUNCH! Shoot, I have zero cash. But wait, today is payday with automatic deposit! **The Secret**

3:45: Log onto PeopleSoft to check automatic deposit and notice that today is the deadline to enroll in my Benefits! (phew! If we had been in the classroom, I wouldn’t have been able to sneak into the library to check this out and I would have been without insurance, eeks!!) **The Secret**

3:50: I realize that I worked over 40 hours last week, plus Monday was a holiday so I got holiday pay!! Excellent!!! **The Secret**

4:45: Turn books back in, get credits for today’s self learning, head to the Organic Market

4:55: YAY! My favorite soy “ice cream” is back in stock! **The Secret**

5:30: Checking out at the market (I NEVER rush through a trip to the market, I love my time there. It’s relaxing. Maybe I’m weird, but I get lots of enjoyment perusing the isles, thinking up recipes of what I can make with the bargain Bulgar Wheat Recipe
, etc. **The secret**

6:15. I have been inline for 10 minutes, starting to wonder why we aren’t moving anywhere.

6:20 Finally check out.

6:36 Waiting for the elevator in my building (heavy grocery bags!) But wait!!! In walks Mr. Cute Spin Class Man who lives on the 5th Floor! **The Secret**

So there’s my day. Now I challenge you: Challenge “The Secret” and see what it can do for you.


O said...

See, even when you don't mean to, you are giving me good new recipes! I bought some bulgar when I had a woolie (hankering) for tabouleh, but then found myself at Whole Foods and got some there...but now I have the bulgar. Voila! Sounds yummy but let me know how it is is you make it!

Anjali said...

I like that word, "bulgar." I'm intrigued enough to try to use it in an actual recipe, but don't know any!