Saturday, May 26, 2007

well hello mr. delivery man

Yesterday, after a fleeting moment of panic, I managed to find 18 month old Joe after he wandered away from his mother and I at his older brothers nursery school "dance party." I really didn't think much of it, all in a days work, right? Isn't that what you do for people you care the world about? Needles to say, that was the beginning of my interesting day.

After arriving home, I proceeded to witness the homeless people rip though my garbage and comment on my "wastefulness" (hey, I'm trying to move and purge my collections). Then I got a phone call back from a realtor in NY who pretty much told me that I was "too particular" for within my desired budget (so shoot much for 'standards').

Then while spending my 3+ hours per day studying for my boards (I use an online question bank) my computer entered is schizophrenic mode. It starts making this loud humming, which progresses into a vibrating, that leads to the generation of heat. I've had this problem intermittently for a few months now, but I usually remedy the problem by turning off the laptop and waiting (patiently). The problem caused me so much stress a few months ago, that I went out and spend the $350 on the "3-year extended warranty, Apple Protection Plan". However, when I Called to request service they told me that its a 14 day turnout on repairs (what?!?!?). Yeah, like a college student who gets about 2 million emails (Even if they are mostly irrelevant) and who has to use the computer for school, can really go 14+ days without it. Wait, I know what you are thinking...the library, correct? I refer you to my previous post (boy it would be cool if I knew how to insert those nifty links here)...I don't do the library (although, I wish I could).

But I digress. Oh yes, so my computer was spastic. I turned it off for 4 hours, did some errands and came back...but immediately upon hitting the power button, the spasticity resumed.
Damn! Oh well, no more studying for the night. Well, that was kind of a lie...I used the book and make some review cards and learn some (rather uninteresting) information about ATK (above the knee) and BTK (below the knee) amputation management. After that fun and exciting ordeal was done, I ON-DEMANDED (hmm, I don't think this is a word) a movie, The Holiday- starring Kate Winselt and Cameron Diaz. Great movie, nice and fluffy. Exactly what I wanted.
By this point it was 12:30a.m. and I had been up since 5:30 a.m., so I went to "bed" (aka my aerobed). I'm sure that I had lovely dreams, but I don't remember them. The next thing that I do remember is hearing a VERY LOUD banging, more like a pounding on my door at exactly 8:37 a.m. After waking from my deep sleep, and wiping the drool off my face( I know, so's the curse of still wearing my retainers to bed),
I hopped out of bed, walked to the door and said, "Yeaaahhsssss Whooo.." Before I could finish my sentence, the man replied, "Special delivery for Kelly." I fumbled with the lock and opened the door. The man’s eyes widened and he sort of pulled back in a flinching manner. “Whatever”, I thought. He thrusts the clip board in front of me and says, "sign here." After realizing that I still had sleepies in my eyes, and that I signed the wrong line, I crossed it out, signed my name again, and received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. I thanked the man and closed the door.
After reading the card (a very unnecessary, and extremely generous, thank you note from Joe's family) and then placing the flowers on the counter (remember, I have no furniture) I caught a glimpse of myself in the microwaves reflection. and now I know why the man looked at me so funny. Ladies and gentleman, my right boob was hanging out of my white tank top.(well not really hanging, I don’t have enough of a chest for that, more like my tank top positioned below by right boob.)

Ok, Mr. flower delivery man, hope the rest of your day was good.

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