Sunday, February 21, 2010

i'm just saying...

Your friend asks you to be in her wedding. (YAY!) It's supposed to be in July in 2011. But then said friend and fiance decide to to buy a house and realize that it's much cheaper for them to fill the house with wedding and shower presents, and they proceeded to move the wedding to July 2010.

You are still working full-time and going to school full-time, free time left your vocabulary along time ago, but you will be present for all shower and wedding festivities. Oh yeah, minor detail: this is all taking place in Massachusetts.

When said friend called you up two days and told you that the date of the bridal shower just happened to be in smack in the middle of final exams, like on a Sunday afternoon at 2pm, you lied through your teeth when you said that the date was great and you were super excited.

But surely the best part of all of this is the bridesmaid dress, right? What girl doesn't love dress shopping? Because you live out-of-state you had to order yours over the phone. Well, you were told that the dress is bright pink, strapless, and chiffon. That would be great if you were tall, tan, and even slightly busty, but maybe it will look good on a petite, pale, flat chick. I'm sure I'll get lot's of use out of the dress, right? Isn't that what bridesmaids always tell themselves.

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MemeGRL said...

I will tell you this: busty is not a good thing with strapless either. Just sayin'.
And, um, OY to all that. Sorry for the developments. Been there, done that, you are a good friend to suck it up. Brides get, um, unreasonable and fights happen. Even now I sit here blinking as I try to remember while being glad I forget what the tiffs with my very best friends were about. What did we think was so important?!