Wednesday, September 02, 2009

School Days

As of 8:31 am today, I am an official graduate student at Columbia University. I'm registered for classes, I'm ordering books, I'm meeting new people, and I'm scared shitless. Because I worked so much this summer, the reality of school starting didn't hit me. However, as I sat in the Alumni Auditorium surrounded by my 504 classmates, and listened to the Dean's welcome, I realized my life was about to get crazy, real crazy.

Classes Monday-Thursday//Work Friday and Saturday//Homework on Sunday. And just to spice things up, one weekend a month I have a class taught Executive style (i.e. Class on Friday and Saturday 2-5 and Sunday 9-1).

Are you tired yet? I am. The Director of Academic Affairs said that when they submit coursework to the curriculum committee, the expectation is that for every 3 hours spent in class, 9 hours should be spent out of class doing work. Here's how that math works out.

Class Hours: 15 hours
Work Time for those classes: [(15/3)= 5 (x9)]= 45 hours
Total Time needed for school related stuff each week: 60
Weeks per semester: 14
Number of Days off: 3 (72 hours)
Days spent at work: 2 (26 hours: 2x13 hour shift)
Free day (no work or class): 1 (24 hours)
Minimum sleep requirement: 4 hours

45-20= 25 hours work of work that I simply won't be able to do.

When I break it down financially:
15 credits per semester at $1248/credit= $18720/(14x60)
I'm paying $22.29 per hour to be in class and do work.

So just in case I disappear from the blog sphere, don't get worried. You, me, and my social life will reunite in 16 months.


Anjali said...

Wow. Best of luck, Kelly. I know you can do it!

MemeGRL said...

You know we will think of you every one of those days, cheering you on from the burbs! You are going to be amazing, Kelly!