Monday, November 10, 2008

leaps and bounds

Call me crazy, but when I walked into my patient's room and saw all this, I got excited.....
Salem Sump to wall suction- bilious drainage

Jejunostomy tube- acting as feeding tube with Osmolyte @ 60cc/hr

Trachestomy- #6 shiley, cuffed

Right femoral arterial line

Right femoral triple lumen catheter- Brown: CVP; Blue: Insulin, TPN, & Lipids; White: Ativan, Fentanyl, Dopamine,& Levophed

Left femoral triple lumen catheter- Brown: Sodium Bicaronate; Blue: Polymixin/Tobramycin/Linezolid; White-heparin drip

Foley Catheter-transducing bladder pressures

Rectal tube-(ah, do you need a description?)

Wound Vac to Abdomen

Wound Vac to right and left foot

3 canisters to wall suction- weeping wound bed drainage

There was a point in time, not too long ago, where patients like this made me shudder with fear. However, at some point in the last 16 months, I became a nurse- a real nurse. One who's excited at the challange of caring for the sickest patients, helping them along the fine line between life and death. Yes my loyal readers, it's all coming together.

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