Thursday, December 20, 2007

How to Host A Cookie Party: Manhattan Style

In case you were wondering how my Cookie Party went last Sunday....

1. Send out a survey via email of potential dates at least a month in advance to gauge availability on certain dates

2. Follow-up that email, requesting that people actually respond

3. Send out a "Save the Date" email with a note-"details to follow"

4. Expect that 1/3 of the people who said they were available, will bail on the actual party

5. Request that guests arrive at 1:30 if you want them to show up by 2:30

6. Don't put an end time, otherwise you kill the spontaneity of city living

7. As the party gets closer, start inviting people who aren't "cookie swap type" people...

8. Tell the people from #7 that there will be alcohol, lots and lots of alcohol

9. Request that guests bring 3 dozen cookies, if you only want them to bring 2 one reads carefully

10. Expect that 3/4 of the people will show up with STORE BOUGHT cookies, when the whole idea is to bring homemade cookies/the recipe/and their special story

11. Laugh hysterically when one of the guests honestly tries to pawn off Entemanns chocolate chip cookies as "homemade"...NO home made cookies are THAT perfect

12. Don't be shocked that all the people from #7 are the first to arrive, and make an immediate b-line for the bar set-up

13. Know that your mimosas will be the hit of the party but that none of the guests really care that you spent an hour making the fresh squeezed the future, unless Martha Stewart is on the guest list, screw the fresh-squeezed and grab the Tropicana

14. a) if you want to stay true to the idea of the party-Have the actual cookie/recipe swap BEFORE your guests get drunk
b) if you want to be a laid back hostess and enjoy the party, have the swap AFTER the bar runs dry...the stories are MUCH better

15. Don't forget to leave extra rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom, otherwise one poor guest will have to shout out from the bathroom for some ...

16. Don't stress that you only have official seating for 8. People WILL sit on the floor cushions that your mom so fabulously made you

17. Don't be shocked that your friends mesh fabulously with your roommates friends

18. Consider inviting's a great way to show off your domestic skills

19. Figure that your guests will take the party to the local pub for an "after cookie" party and yes they WILL get looks when they stroll in with Tupperware full of sweet treats

20. Smile, as you let out a sigh, while wiping up the last crumb and putting away the last dish at midnight

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O said...

Kel, that sounds awesome--booze and cookies, something for everyone! Glad it went well!