Monday, December 03, 2007

Double Take

I feel as though, lately, I have seen a few things that I would like to comment on...

I was caring for a 20-year old newly diagnosed insulin dependent diabetic who was extremely non compliant with blood sugars ranging from 50-700. Trying my best to illustrate what sort of complications can arise from uncontrolled blood sugars, I listed some potential complications via case scenario.. blindness, kidney failure leading to dialysis, testicle removal, and foot amputation....Do you know what is reaction was??? "How can you live without testicles?"
*no words, sheer pity

At the gym, at the little counter behind the stair climbers, sat a man delicately slurping his split pea soup, gently crumbling saltine crackers into, reading the paper, and oh yeah- he had a placement. This man does not work there, nor was he working out.
*are you kidding me? I hope all those sweaty germs taste salt needed

Ina Garden on her cooking show commenting that even the kids would lover her spinach casserole? What where the ingredients? sour cream, mayonnaise, butter, cheese, fried onions, and oh yeah spinach.
*Umm, two things. 1) can one even taste the spinach in that dish? 2) Don't kid yourself people, 15 pounds of spinach wouldn't cancel out all those *other* artery clogging ingredients

The people working at Dunkin Donuts who did not get any one of the five orders ahead of me correctly. (I.E. regular tea instead of a vanilla chai, Salmon Cream cheese instead of Lite Veggie, a dozen munchkins instead of a dozen donuts, a large hot chocolate filled half way, instead of a medium cup, and an untoasted plain bagel with onion cream cheese instead of a toasted onion bagel
*I went safe and ordered a medium decaf coffee BLACK

The traffic cop who was talking on his phone while directing traffic. The light actually changed 4 times before he turned around to let the other side of the traffic pass by
*if I weren't in a hurry, I would have called his supervisor

The enormous Christmas tree in one of the apartment buildings lobby...decorated with menorah ornaments and blue lights
*oh come on people, do we have to be SO politically correct?

Enough of that. I'm done. Just thought I'd let you in on some of the sight and sounds of life in the Big Apple

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