Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who? What? Where?

I often get phenomenal ideas for blog entries during the day; however, they always seem to arrive at inappropriate times (i.e. while shaving my legs-that foamy lather makes holding a writing utensil nearly impossible; during morning rounds, especially when the med students stand there so proudly spewing back text book answers that they think will win them a gold star with the attending, only to be shot down with a, "neexxxttt"; while trying to listen to my needy/whiney friend- admit it, we all have one of them; when I want my brain to turn off at night at midnight so I can get up at 4:45; while out on a 10 mile run- for some reason carrying a pointed object while traveling at vigorous (okay, steady) speeds doesn't seem like a smart idea; etc). If you were able to follow the above, I swear I had a point with those details. Oh yes, I hate sitting here, when I do have free time (shocker!) ,and can't come up with anything (entertaining) to write about.

#1) I don't have kids whose amusing antics I can write about.

#2) My dating life is less than exciting lately, so that would be a very short, "once upon a time...the end".

#3) HIPPA prevents me from writing anything (or at least in any great detail) about the crazy stuff I see at can only tell so many stories in the third person.

#4) Drinks in New York cost a fortune so I rarely have those collegiate "whoops, I made a drunken mistake" kind of stories...then again, even while indulging in those luscious (nasty, horrific, grotesque) $7 handles of gin/rum/vodka, I was still tipsy after 1.5 drinks, so I guess I'm a cheap date....Wait!! Maybe this is my solution to situation #2

#5) This past summer (while living in limbo, sleeping on an aero bed, and living out of a suitcase) my idea of a good time was organizing the closet in the bathroom; although this may tickle Martha Stewart's fancy, it scores me no points in the coolness department.

#6) After working a 12 hour shift, I say screw the bar, I have a date with my bed.

#7) Despite my passion for cooking and trying new things, my vegetarian 'ideas' don't always spark excitement to my carnivorous friends and family. *I swear, if they were willing to try dairy free, blueberry banana spelt muffins.....they would love them! (if you want this recipe, let me know).

Despite the major digressions (is this a word) in this post, initially, there was a point I wanted to make; however, at this point in time I cannot remember what it is/was/should be. So I guess if you have any suggestions on how to generate an interesting post, please feel free to leave comments!


Oonie said...

You know I want any recipe you like! We have been major fans of really everything you have ever made in our house! I mourn the loss of my fruit bar cookies, and the caramelized onions you made on the spur of the moment to go with our steaks on the grill are still spoken of with a longing sigh by both Terry and me! (how did you DO that? They were amazing...)
And in getting our office/guest bedroom ready again for visitors, I was appalled at some of the dust bunnies I found and deeply ashamed as I know you of all people appreciate a well-kept space! So even more thanks from here for what I know was a real comedown for you. The swiffer sheet was disgustingand I know I found some corners I'd missed in June...ugh! Thanks for forgiving us enough to stick around!

Anjali said...

Whenever I feel like coming up with something to post is a chore, I stop for a while. It helps, I think.

Having said that, I can think of a MILLION things I want to know from you, which would make great posts...

For instance...
Do you have a kitchen in NY big enough to cook in (many friends of mine don't)?

What do you like better so far -- Boston, Philly, or NYC?

Is a crock pot a worthwhile investment for a vegetarian? (Or am I trying too hard to make meal-time easier?)

Do you think you'd ever do an online dating service? I've heard otherwise it's really hard to meet people in NYC?

Inquiring minds want to know...