Tuesday, August 07, 2007

in case you were wondering where I have been....

I have been, to be quite honest, very busy.
After taking the dreaded NCLEX on July 5th, I had an entirely new lease on life. I watched movies (without trying to diagnose the characters' medical afflictions), I slept in past 8am (gasp! shock!), I cleaned out my nighstand in my bedroom (finding stuff from 6th grade...my how everyone has changed), I went out to lunch and dinners with family and friends, I got really drunk one night with no intention of going out after while wearing sweatpants and a ratty shirt (just because I could), I cleaned my family's house from top to bottom, inside and out, leaving no drawer, closet, cabinet untouched, and oh yes folks....I moved to New York.

I am now an official "New Youurrrkkkooorr", but please don't ask to see my new license. I look petrified in the picture. It more closely resembles a mug shot than a glamour shot. Oh well.

I also began my new job. For months I have listened to people ask,
"Are you ready?
Are you nervous?
Are you really sure about moving to New york?"
(oh yeah, these questions ususally followed the squnity face, nostril flared look of disgust that accompanies my disclosre of working in the burn intensive care unit).

My response was always the same. "YES! I am ready. YES! I'm excited. and YES!!! If you are going to live in NY, the best time to do it is when you are young, unattached, and lookiing to have a world of opportunities at your fingertips.

The actual move itself was uneventful, aside from the $65 parking ticket. True to my anal retentive/organized nature I did not go to sleep my first night here until after each and every box was unpacked and I felt like I had some semblance of organization working for me.

The new roomate is great. The apartment is amazing. The building is fantastic... I've already met at least 5 of the dogs who live in the building (and they already know they can expect a cookie from me), and the cute man who is always on the elevator who I think lives on the 8th floor, and the mysteryious man who is in denial that everyone can smell his weed when he lights up, and last but certainly not least, I am well aware of the homeless man who wanders up and down 76th street with his shopping cart full of cans and his blissfully distant smile as if to symbolize eternnal euphoria originating from a far off planet.

For the first time , despite having "lived away" for 4 years, 3 of those off campus, I feel so self sufficient. I'm a real person. I go to work, out with friends, to the gym, sleep, play, and do it all again the next day. I get paychecks...R*E*A*L paychecks. It nice to see figures that are triple digets, even after taxes. I can come home to a freshly cleaned apartment (hey, it's not like I can't do it...I'd give Baldy Mr. Clean a run for his money) but its great to treat myself.

So this post has gone astray from where I originally intended, thus I'll sum it up fast.
I relaxed, I moved, I began a new job, and I realized that my blog was way OVERDUE for an update.


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Anjali said...

Sounds awesome! Continued best of luck with everything!