Thursday, June 19, 2008

so much to do, no time to wait, i'm late! i'm late, i'm late!

I thought that working days would really free up my schedule...not so much.
Work has been busier than ever, not to mention some other developments in my life, good don't worry, but they are for another post. I have a good 5 posts that are still in their draft form, maybe this week I'll get around to polishing them. How will I do that? I'M ON VACATION THIS WEEK! Kicking the week off with a trip to Philly to some friends and of course spend a few days with the L's! Other than that, I'm planning on enjoying sleeping in, lounging in the park, reading some books, trying out some new recipes (my "to try" list is busting at the seams), and maybe get around to planning a winter vacation!

stay tuned, more good stuff to come!

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